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We Belong Here: Women of Color Write Travel

Hey people. So last week, a new travel platform for women and nonbinary people of color launched called On She Goes, and I’ll have a recurring column up there on travel books authored by women of color. A lil background on the series:

People who look like us are often relegated to the backdrops of travel narratives as smiling spiritual guides on the white woman’s journey, or as nameless bodies warming the beds of the heroic, white, male adventurer, which makes taking up space in travel writing a radical act for women and gender-nonconforming folks of color. This series will speak to writers of color about their novels and memoirs of navigating lands, languages, and themselves—and most of all—about taking up space everywhere we go.

My first talk is with Nia Hampton, author of Cicatrizes, a book about a young Black woman leaving Baltimore for Brazil at the height of the Baltimore Uprising. About the book, Nia says:

I would describe Cicatrizes as an offering. It’s a book of poetry, prose, essays, pictures, and even a spell. It’s something whimsical at times and unbearably heavy at other times. It’s an experience, really, of what moving to Salvador from Baltimore was like for me as a young Black girl.

Cicatrizes cover art by Maya Rodriguez/image courtesy of Nia Hampton

Read our talk in full here. Full disclosure: I edited this book! Working on a blog post, essay, narrative, or manuscript and looking for feedback or an editor? Check my Services page and get in touch.


It must be odd

to be a minority

he was saying.

I looked around

and didn’t see any.

So I said


it must be.

  • Mitsuye Yamada, Looking Out

Outside the XY Book Release Party!

Sup people. Thanks to everyone who put together and came out to the Women and Gender Nonconforming Writers of Color in Digital Media panel at Comic Con yesterday! ::inhales because that was a mouthful:: I talked about how the whiteness of the travel writing industry has encouraged travelers and writers of color to form their own platforms on social and digital media and the difficulties of traveling and freelancing while disabled, queer, nonbinary, etc.

Disregard my resting bitch-adjacent face

If you’re in New York, come through to bklyn boihood’s Outside The XY book release party! My essay, Low Visibility, is featured in the anthology alongside works from queer Black and brown folks who are redefining masculinity. Pick up a copy here, and if you’re in the area, come say hi at the function!


Postcard: Himalaya Haikus


Himalaya Haikus

by Sean Talbot


i saw her.

maps don’t survive volcano blasts

like that.


ice cold toes,

birdsong & laughter.

earthquakes’ heartbeat


himalayan sunrise,

tourist tea & photographs,

abandoned home in shadow.


god left his epitaph

flapping in alpine winds,

now builds sand castles.


eyes collecting dust.

snow gathered in shade.

she’ll freeze ’til spring.


gentleman whispers

float from roof: Richard Cory,

umbrella in hand.


Buddhism, et al. –

efforts to emulate the calm

surrounding god.


Sean spends his time writing and traveling about the world, makes money killing fish in Alaska, and sometimes lives in Portland, Oregon. His blog lives at structuredroots.wordpress.com, which thankfully qualifies as a carry-on. 
or something.