For readings, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and interviews, email me at For feedback, editing, proofreading, social media management, transcription or translation services, read below.

I offer editing services to anyone who’d like an extra pair of eyes on their work, especially to other women and nonbinary people of color who are just starting out with writing and getting published. I offer feedback for anything from blog posts to essays to book-length manuscripts, just e-mail me at with an idea of what you’re doing and what you need help with (do not just send me your work) and we’ll take it from there. I do this work on a sliding scale but am open to bartering. Don’t worry, I charge fair rates and will definitely take your situation into account, seeing as I’m a disabled queer of color writer myself.

I have about seven years of editorial experience with travel-related outlets but naturally shifted away from those when I realized my services were in high demand due to the underserved nature of the communities I centralize in my work. Diverse editors in the travel media industry are extremely rare and the significant power differences therein can lead to microaggressions and unconstructive criticism of work by ‘diverse’ writers. As someone who knows what that’s like, trust that creating a supportive environment for you to grow as a writer is my number one concern. Also, I get a lot of ‘I want to write travel writing that isn’t fucked up and neo-colonialist, but how?’ messages from (white) people. My labor isn’t free and these questions can be a little vague, so I think this approach is best for everyone.

Finally, I offer social media management, translation, and transcription services at great rates. Email me with your inquiry!

“Bani Amor was delicate with my work, honest in their critique and understanding of my financial situation. As an aspiring travel writer who happens to be a young black female, I’m not as trusting with my words as I should be, given the nature of this genre. However, I’m so happy that Bani is doing this work. I truly believe in their point of view and their ability to speak for the marginalized.”

Nia Hampton

“Bani is direct, honest, insightful, and constructive. They ask important questions, challenges writers to deliver their best, and offers great intersectional analysis (which is invaluable as a woman of color writer). Their rates are great especially in exchange for the quality of work and insight they have to offer. Highly recommend!”

Angela Fichter

“Bani’s editing is detailed and thoughtful. Their critical analysis is honest and kind. I have asked other people to edit my work who send me notes with a “take it or leave it” attitude. Bani’s feedback invites discussion and they are committed to following through because they care about ideas and nurturing the quality of self-awareness necessary for a writer to do justice to complex topics.”

Stephanie Scott

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