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For you stylish people: “Self-proclaimed hipster who goes by the name ‘Loux the Vintage Guru’ is taking Namibia, Africa by storm, introducing the continent to the wonders of vintage fashion.”

A Vintage-Style Revolution Is Brewing In Namibia, Africa

Schooling you: “Marriage in Latin America is strictly a civil institution, and as such it is separate from any religious context, quite unlike the situation in the United States. The judicial systems in the U.S. and Latin America also operate from different constitutional frameworks. While the U.S. Constitution remains remarkably faithful to its 18th century foundations, most Latin American nations have in the last three decades introduced new constitutions or wholly revamped old ones. These reforms have made Latin American constitutions especially sensitive to human rights claims, and especially inclined to see gay rights as human rights.”

Why Is Latin America So Progressive on Gay Rights? The New York Times

Who knew some good could come out of FOX News? “To Vanity Fair and Jerry Seinfeld: You are what’s wrong with the liberal “allies.” You epitomize the clueless racist. Because of you, every time I run into a Latino, Black, and Asian kid, it’s bittersweet. On one hand, I admire their optimism. Their goals and dreams. On the other hand, it pains me to know that they won’t be given the same opportunity to accomplish them because some people with a lot of pull will say that they don’t have what it takes. While others – with the power to help prove them wrong – will take that meritocracy myth as gospel and will close doors and put obstacles in their paths instead. We’re not going to take this anymore — your lies, your myths, your incomplete stories.”

Hollywood’s Latino Problem: Vanity Fair, Jerry Seinfeld, And The Myth Of Meritocracy FOX News Latino

“The Mexican-born, Kenyan star’s breakout performance as Patsey in Steve McQueen’s highly-praised “12 Years A Slave” brought about a wave of nominations –and headlines — this awards season. While her quick rise to fame has been on everyone’s lips lately, not many know that Nyong’o shares a deep connection to her native Mexico, as she explained in Spanish during a recent interview with CNN en Español.”

Lupita Nyong’o Talks Being Born In Mexico And Why She Misses It (VIDEO) huff post latino voices

These are really cool: “Even though I was born and raised in Curaçao and I spoke the language, at first sight people always thought that I was Dutch. Then, when I came to Holland in 2001, the people saw me as ‘the immigrant.’ All of a sudden, I was ‘the Black guy.’ It was frustrating. There was no explanation for it, and I realized how little I had actually thought about myself in the context of race.”

12 Beautiful Portraits Of Black Identity Challenging the “One-Drop” Rule

Relevant To Your Interests

I didn’t do as much online reading this week, but these articles were pretty enlightening. What’d I miss? Don’t be greedy and keep all the good stuff to yourself.

“That being said, writing cross-culturally must be done thoughtfully and carefully. It requires research. Changing a core piece of a character’s identity is not the same as changing a character’s name or hair style; different cultures provide different lenses through which to view the world, and affect characters in a multitude of small ways.”

10 Great Resources for Writing Cross-culturally The Open Book

This isn’t new but it’s from David Farley and pretty damn funny. “Critics like to point out that commercial travel writing is soft compared to “real” journalism, that the articles in newspaper travel sections and glossy travel magazines often lack an edginess. I see their point in some cases, but as Pancho and I walked toward Calcata’s stone gate (and I kept a keen eye in every direction), I was about to take a bullet—or, more realistically, a busted knee cap—for travel writing. If that’s not edgy, then I don’t know what is.”

On The Perils of Travel Writing WorldHum

Didn’t you read Ian Cruz’s piece on this very website? In case ya missed it: “Being gay in Japan is a strange experience. Any kind of LGBTQ lifestyle is not very well understood. The only real exposure comes from atrociously camp TV celebrities who exploit whatever stereotype they can for airtime. Apart from this, it’s rarely even discussed at all.”

Mata Ne Everywhere All The Time

“In the last decade there has been a mass incorporation of women into the formal workforce in Latin America and the Caribbean, with more than 100 million women now working It has been one of the most dramatic social changes in the region.”

What Gender Inequality Looks Like in Latin America The Huffington Post

via moi
via moi

Hardcore! “This tour of the nation will inspire youth of color to connect with America’s wild places and take on outdoor pursuits they never imagined possible by sharing the story of their historic attempt on North America’s tallest peak. Their story will have an even broader reach upon the completion of a film about the expedition by Distill Productions, LLC. Watch the latest teaser of the film here.”

Expedition Denali Wins Outdoor Inspiration Award NOLS

Schooling. “The story is that homosexuality is a Western import with no authentic existence in African culture—one Zimbabwean official famously declared that there are no African words for homosexuality.”

The Colonial Roots of African Nationalist Homophobia Madness and Monsters

Relevant To Your Interests

hey people,

so i decided to curate one of those weekly link roundup lists, with the kind of stuff i post on the facebook and tumblr pages. feel free to send in related links, even if it’s your own writing. and thanks for helping me reach over 1,000 followers as of last week!

James Baldwin by Allan warren via Wikimedia Commons
James Baldwin by Allan warren via Wikimedia Commons

“In a May 1961 article in Esquire magazine, “New Lost Generation,” he attested to the joy he felt discovering Paris. “The days when we walked through Les Halles singing, loving every inch of France and loving each other …the jam sessions in Pigalle, and our stories about the whores there … the nights spent smoking hashish in the Arab cafes … the morning which found us telling dirty stories, true stories, sad and earnest stories, in grey workingmen’s cafes.””

James Baldwin’s Paris NY Times

“There is a cruel truth about most of the great tourist destinations in the Americas: They are built on old barbarities of one kind or the other. The highest point from a now-bucolic hill in Managua, Nicaragua, is where Anastasio Somoza’s lackeys threw rebels down a chute into alligator infested waters. They also dropped regime enemies from helicopters into an active volcano, where tourists line up today for photos.”

Why Would Anyone Go to Suriname?

“Having an ID does not relieve me from marginalization and, so far, every company I showed up to work at has never called me back after seeing me in person. Transphobia is just as alive here, even though laws are advancing, and my biggest difficulty consists in generating income to be able to eat and meet my basic needs.”

What’s It Like to be Transgender in Argentina? Meet Artist Effy Beth

“We find that non-black hosts are able to charge approximately 12% more than black hosts, holding location, rental characteristics, and quality constant. Moreover, black hosts receive a larger price penalty for having a poor location score relative to non-black hosts.”

Harvard Study: Black people Get Screwed on Airbnb  Valleywag

“Two sets of brothers from Jaguapirú Bororó, in the province of Dourados, are rapping in Guaraní. The Bro MCs are reversing the traditional custom of newcomers in a country expressing their marginalized frustrations through hip hop, since their people were on the land before anyone else. They want their language to be heard, and for their people and traditions to have the voice they lost over centuries.”

The Expats: Guaraní In Da House Nowhere Magazine

By S/D ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By S/D via Wikimedia Commons
RIP NBC Latino. “No one is typing in a news site URL in the morning: They are finding the urgent, compelling news their own online communities share. So having diverse coverage and viewpoints has never been more important. LGBT coverage, black culture and issues coverage, Latino stories, and stories about any other marginalized and ignored community is not just a good idea but necessary in this media environment. And these stories will often be sharper and deeper when written by people who are part of the communities, understand them, and are passionate about their work.”

Why Would A Major Network Cut Back On Latino News?

Homophobia as a direct result of colonialism: “We must stop pretending that we are ahead of the world when we talk about LGBTQ rights and democracy. If being “ahead” of other nations means that we export our hate instead of confronting it, we are not only backwards, but we are also hypocrites. ”

We Need To Talk About Colonialism Before We Criticize International Anti-LGBTQ Legislation

[Infographic] African-American Travel Stats Black Chick On Tour