Ecuador Time is Like…Whatever

hey peeps, so unless you’ve stumbled onto this blog for the first time today it’s news to no one that i’m an Ecuadorian-American living in Ecuador and have been for the last few years. my latest for Paste Travel – Ecuador Time is Like…Whatever – is about adapting to life here on some of those first days. check it, share it, shout it from the rooftops. click on the image to read the article in full.

click on image to read article in full
click on image to read article in full

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7 thoughts on “Ecuador Time is Like…Whatever”

  1. Love this post! I completed a semester abroad in Guayaquil, Ecuador 2 years ago and certainly needed to adjust to their concept of time. After a couple of weeks I became accustomed, and to be honest, preferred the laid back ‘it-happens-when-it-happens’ lifestyle. Thanks for sharing, certainly has me reflecting on my life in Ecuador. ❤

      1. That’s amazing! I certainly fell in love with the country during my time there. I am grateful to have been able to experience the multiple pockets of culture it has to offer.

  2. I loved reading this because I have experienced how perceptions of time differ from place to place and now, as a retired person, my day absolutely moves differently than it ever did before. I visited Ecuador back in the 70’s and if I remember the trip correctly, we flew from Quito to Guayaquil in order to take a lengthy bus ride (truly a new adventure for my younger self) to the Peruvian border headed for a small town in northern Peru which was the destination for my traveling partner. I wish (don’t we always?) that I had taken time to see more!

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