Telling It Like It Is

What up folks,

It’s been a while since we’ve had a legit one-on-one. In the meantimes, I’ve been working hard to deliver you the #Dispatch interview series with travel writers of color, our last one of which featured writer Nandini Seshadri in the talk Traveling While White, Traveling While Brown. Meanwhile, our talk with Abena Clarke, Travel Is Not A White Boy’s Club (And Never Has Been) was recently republished by Matador Network. The comments on there remind me how important this project is and I’m pumped to keep bringing you this suff. If you are someone you know would like to be interviewed, get in touch at

Also also, Nathan Mizrachi over at Life is a Camino interviewed me about traveling on the cheap in his masterpost – Not Rich, Just Savvy: 9 Travel Bloggers Share Their Budget Travel Tips. Actual quote – “Sell all your shit, travel light and go far.” – Me.


Finally, if reading about canines in space, Colorado’s trans community or James Baldwin’s exile floats your boat, you better check out my Legends and Expats series over on Nowhere Magazine, which focuses on diaspora.

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3 thoughts on “Telling It Like It Is”

  1. Just stopping in to congratulate you on some fantastic work. Seriously. I saw a mutual contact of ours posted your article on FB and was like, HEY I know Bani (well not, know-know, ya know). Really happy that you’re telling it like it is.

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