When Community Comes Through

hey folks,

Thanks to all your support, I’ve reached my Indiegogo campaign goal and will be attending VONA/Voices workshop for writers of color this June! Plane tickets are purchased and tuition is paid. Thanks to everyone who donated, shared the link, reblogged, retweeted or sent good vibes. Your perks will be in the mail early to mid-June when I’m back in the States. Thanks for coming through!

The Indiegogo campaign doesn’t close for another 19 days, so if you’re feeling generous, all extra donations are going directly to health insurance costs. > You can donate here. <I’m also keeping the Dispatches: Conversations with Writers of Color of Race, Place & Adventure series going, and our next talk – with journalist Aliyya Swaby of Negrisimo – will go live next week.


I’ll leave you with two super relevant links that some of you might have missed: MFA Vs. POC by Junot Diaz via The New Yorker, and The Unbearable Whiteness of Liberal Media by Gabriel Arana via The American Prospect. Important!

10 thoughts on “When Community Comes Through”

  1. Interested in the economics of travel writing here. You’ve got people to pay your fare, course fees, travel insurance etc but how do you manage for everyday living eg the phone bill, the electricity bill, the gas bill, food, travel et.Wd love to know…

    1. I don’t have travel insurance Mary, I think you’re mistaken. I did the crowdfunding the campaign because I have a disability that makes it impossible for me to write much, thus I can not work enough to support myself at the moment. I’m scraping by, paying medical bills, health insurance, rent, etc. myself, from the freelance work I do. Welcome to the glamorous life of the travel writer!

  2. Congrats!!! I am happy everything worked out for you. Never doubt the power of community.

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