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hey people of the internet!

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thanks for sitting tight while i’ve been on a little hiatus from the site. i’m glad folks have kept on reading, commenting and liking stuff, and that new folks continue to find and follow the blog, even when there hasn’t been much new stuff going around.

as you can probs see from my author bio, i’m now writing the travel column for as well as regularly contributing to Nowhere Magazine’s blog with my Expats and Legends series. i’ve also been applying for guidebook gigs, reporting fellowships and writing workshops, so making deadlines took up most of my energy these past few weeks. in the interim, i turned 26.

New Mexico, 2009
New Mexico, 2009

here’s some of the stories i’ve had published lately. feel free to comment, like, share and any other kind of social media magic you can muster to get my shit out there.

Babble On  Nowhere Magazine’s blog

In the early 1900s, the New York City neighborhood that would become Jackson Heights, Queens, was all “barns and beehives, carriage-houses and corn-cribs…dirt roads, packed hard by years of iron-shod hooves.” A century later, it marks a crossroads of cultures where almost 200 languages are divided amongst over 100,000 residents, making it one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world.

5 Women Who Inspire Us to Travel

When it comes to world travelers who have left a mark on our social landscape, guys usually get all the credit. But why let them have all the fun? It’s hard not to bump into another woman on the road these days, and we’re indebted to the ones who came before us in less-forgiving times who showed the world that adventure isn’t an exclusive sport.

Travel Destinations for Coffee Lovers

Forget Starbucks! From Ethiopia’s ancient ceremonies to Portland’s sustainable revolution, explore how coffee culture is celebrated around the globe.

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