Postcard: Himalaya Haikus


Himalaya Haikus

by Sean Talbot


i saw her.

maps don’t survive volcano blasts

like that.


ice cold toes,

birdsong & laughter.

earthquakes’ heartbeat


himalayan sunrise,

tourist tea & photographs,

abandoned home in shadow.


god left his epitaph

flapping in alpine winds,

now builds sand castles.


eyes collecting dust.

snow gathered in shade.

she’ll freeze ’til spring.


gentleman whispers

float from roof: Richard Cory,

umbrella in hand.


Buddhism, et al. –

efforts to emulate the calm

surrounding god.


Sean spends his time writing and traveling about the world, makes money killing fish in Alaska, and sometimes lives in Portland, Oregon. His blog lives at, which thankfully qualifies as a carry-on. 
or something. 

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