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I didn’t do as much online reading this week, but these articles were pretty enlightening. What’d I miss? Don’t be greedy and keep all the good stuff to yourself.

“That being said, writing cross-culturally must be done thoughtfully and carefully. It requires research. Changing a core piece of a character’s identity is not the same as changing a character’s name or hair style; different cultures provide different lenses through which to view the world, and affect characters in a multitude of small ways.”

10 Great Resources for Writing Cross-culturally The Open Book

This isn’t new but it’s from David Farley and pretty damn funny. “Critics like to point out that commercial travel writing is soft compared to “real” journalism, that the articles in newspaper travel sections and glossy travel magazines often lack an edginess. I see their point in some cases, but as Pancho and I walked toward Calcata’s stone gate (and I kept a keen eye in every direction), I was about to take a bullet—or, more realistically, a busted knee cap—for travel writing. If that’s not edgy, then I don’t know what is.”

On The Perils of Travel Writing WorldHum

Didn’t you read Ian Cruz’s piece on this very website? In case ya missed it: “Being gay in Japan is a strange experience. Any kind of LGBTQ lifestyle is not very well understood. The only real exposure comes from atrociously camp TV celebrities who exploit whatever stereotype they can for airtime. Apart from this, it’s rarely even discussed at all.”

Mata Ne Everywhere All The Time

“In the last decade there has been a mass incorporation of women into the formal workforce in Latin America and the Caribbean, with more than 100 million women now working It has been one of the most dramatic social changes in the region.”

What Gender Inequality Looks Like in Latin America The Huffington Post

via moi
via moi

Hardcore! “This tour of the nation will inspire youth of color to connect with America’s wild places and take on outdoor pursuits they never imagined possible by sharing the story of their historic attempt on North America’s tallest peak. Their story will have an even broader reach upon the completion of a film about the expedition by Distill Productions, LLC. Watch the latest teaser of the film here.”

Expedition Denali Wins Outdoor Inspiration Award NOLS

Schooling. “The story is that homosexuality is a Western import with no authentic existence in African culture—one Zimbabwean official famously declared that there are no African words for homosexuality.”

The Colonial Roots of African Nationalist Homophobia Madness and Monsters

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