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so i decided to curate one of those weekly link roundup lists, with the kind of stuff i post on the facebook and tumblr pages. feel free to send in related links, even if it’s your own writing. and thanks for helping me reach over 1,000 followers as of last week!

James Baldwin by Allan warren via Wikimedia Commons
James Baldwin by Allan warren via Wikimedia Commons

“In a May 1961 article in Esquire magazine, “New Lost Generation,” he attested to the joy he felt discovering Paris. “The days when we walked through Les Halles singing, loving every inch of France and loving each other …the jam sessions in Pigalle, and our stories about the whores there … the nights spent smoking hashish in the Arab cafes … the morning which found us telling dirty stories, true stories, sad and earnest stories, in grey workingmen’s cafes.””

James Baldwin’s Paris NY Times

“There is a cruel truth about most of the great tourist destinations in the Americas: They are built on old barbarities of one kind or the other. The highest point from a now-bucolic hill in Managua, Nicaragua, is where Anastasio Somoza’s lackeys threw rebels down a chute into alligator infested waters. They also dropped regime enemies from helicopters into an active volcano, where tourists line up today for photos.”

Why Would Anyone Go to Suriname?

“Having an ID does not relieve me from marginalization and, so far, every company I showed up to work at has never called me back after seeing me in person. Transphobia is just as alive here, even though laws are advancing, and my biggest difficulty consists in generating income to be able to eat and meet my basic needs.”

What’s It Like to be Transgender in Argentina? Meet Artist Effy Beth

“We find that non-black hosts are able to charge approximately 12% more than black hosts, holding location, rental characteristics, and quality constant. Moreover, black hosts receive a larger price penalty for having a poor location score relative to non-black hosts.”

Harvard Study: Black people Get Screwed on Airbnb  Valleywag

“Two sets of brothers from Jaguapirú Bororó, in the province of Dourados, are rapping in Guaraní. The Bro MCs are reversing the traditional custom of newcomers in a country expressing their marginalized frustrations through hip hop, since their people were on the land before anyone else. They want their language to be heard, and for their people and traditions to have the voice they lost over centuries.”

The Expats: Guaraní In Da House Nowhere Magazine

By S/D ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By S/D via Wikimedia Commons
RIP NBC Latino. “No one is typing in a news site URL in the morning: They are finding the urgent, compelling news their own online communities share. So having diverse coverage and viewpoints has never been more important. LGBT coverage, black culture and issues coverage, Latino stories, and stories about any other marginalized and ignored community is not just a good idea but necessary in this media environment. And these stories will often be sharper and deeper when written by people who are part of the communities, understand them, and are passionate about their work.”

Why Would A Major Network Cut Back On Latino News?

Homophobia as a direct result of colonialism: “We must stop pretending that we are ahead of the world when we talk about LGBTQ rights and democracy. If being “ahead” of other nations means that we export our hate instead of confronting it, we are not only backwards, but we are also hypocrites. ”

We Need To Talk About Colonialism Before We Criticize International Anti-LGBTQ Legislation

[Infographic] African-American Travel Stats Black Chick On Tour

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