Year of the Bum II

here’s the second part of my top 20 photos of 2013 thing. if you’re new here, all of them were taken in ecuador where i lived from august 2012-september 2013. these are my favorites because they’re attached to good memories and saturated in natural, heavy hues. they don’t represent a balanced look at my year,  the majority of which was spent in front of a laptop surrounded by a million people in a grungy apartment. since i was undocumented most of my time there (working on getting my papers through my mom’s citizenship) i couldn’t leave the country. staying put was tough for me – a year may not seem like a lot to most folks – but ecuador is an awesome country to be stuck in. though i was hungry and had zero cents most of the time, i eventually started getting published, got my papers and had mad adventures. so fuck yeah.

17 thoughts on “Year of the Bum II”

  1. Hey chica!
    First of all thank you for liking/following my blog, that’s cool if you find a fit! Then (just b/w you and I) I don’t automatically like as courtesy and follow only what I actually dig. You had me at Ecuador! ahah I tour guided in SA for couple years and Ecuador really did steal my heart; the people, the food, the nature and the gorgeous architecture. Still dream of the Otavalo markets! Your photos here are just gorgeous and your writing style is very unique. Quirky and engaging. I’d love to read more. So, where are you now and what are your plans for 2014????
    Cheers for now, Laura 🙂

      1. Sounds lovely, wouldn’t mind me some South American sun at the mo! Freezing for the winter in Georgia and, come spring, we’ll get back on our motorbikes and ride through the Stans and over to South East Asia. The thought that we could be on a tropical Thai beach next Christmas makes me uber-happy.
        Safe and Happy travels, looking forward to your updates then. have a GREAT 2014 !! L 🙂

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