Bright Sunny Days, Dark Sacred Nights

had to post this again ’cause of some technical shit. nevermind! this is what i meant by “cutting up celestial maps” last week, some scans of the forthcoming issue of everywhere all the time (EAT?) now i just have to print all the text out on vellum in a way that makes sense. in other news, i got a day job and can now take care of my financial bizness/work on my writing without worrying about the bills. let me know what you think of the layout, or any other advice you zine sages might have.

7 thoughts on “Bright Sunny Days, Dark Sacred Nights”

      1. I make a few art zines with drawings or humor, usually one-time zines. You can see some at my etsy shop ( I found you from we make zines!

      2. awesome, i favorited your shop to keep an eye out on it. wanna trade when i get mine done? it’s taking longer now that i have a full-time job! i also still have copies of the first issue.

      3. Thank you, I would love to trade! Your new issue or the first would be great, let me know what zines you like via etsy, plus your address, and I’ll send them out right away.

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