Back to the Wackness

hey people,

i’m glad you’re all starting to get everywhere all the time zine issue one if your mailboxes across the world. if you haven’t, you can order your totally perfect, not-mis-printed copy from Boom For Real press on etsy, just keep in mind it won’t mail out until september, (only $2.50 with free shipping!) also, my shit will be published in Gag Me With a…zine #9 so order it k thanks!

Atlanta, 2009
Atlanta, 2009

on the feelings front, i’ll be undergoing surgery in quito this week so wish me luck. also, my flight is booked back for the states in september, ending over a year in ecuador. everyone here in south america (slash world) is looking at the US like WTF is even going on? and i’m not so crazy about returning to the wackness, but then i think about the stuff i miss and can’t wait. i’m looking for a work/trade/cool house sharing situation with folks in the southwest (namely santa fe) so if you hear of anything fill me in.

Medellin, 2010
Medellin, 2010

if you’re an artist and haven’t submitted your travel crap to No Hay Puntes travel zine, wtf you waitin’ for? i mean, please scan your crazy findings from the road, sketch that building across the street, look over your campfire photos, those punk flyers you picked up from mexico, photocopy that train ticket from argentina…and send it all to before september 1st. for writing pieces, keep in mind this is a complitation of stories from the road in latin american countries, and pieces from the latinx-diaspora about travel, race, place and adventure in genz. we already got a nice collection of spanish-language submissions, but english and spanglish are also def accepted so i’m lookin’ at you!

Alausi, 2012
Alausi, 2012

the everywhere all the time tumblr page is back up n beautiful, and i’m always updating facebook. follow, comment, share n all that good stuff. my writing will be published in a bunch of new places next week, so watch out for that. thanks strangers!

4 thoughts on “Back to the Wackness”

  1. I’m always amazed at how it seems so wacky from the outside then once I’m back it’s just normal like everywhere else. Media. I really hope your surgery was routine, & welcome home!

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