Quilotoa, Ecuador

Hiked the Quilotoa Loop on my birthday, a dormant volcano filled with a jade lake fabled to be bottomless. But it’s not really bottomless, and it wasn’t really my birthday; February 29th won’t come until 2016, but it was close enough, and I needed an excuse to disappear into a crazy volcano somewhere, so.

thealltimeverywhere.tumblr.com is being constantly updated with all kinds of outdoorsy porn and punk rock travel stuff so bookmark it, yo.

12 thoughts on “Quilotoa, Ecuador”

  1. Dude, we share the same birthday! Well, almost. I was born on the 28th, about twenty minutes before the 29th. Later, I was so mad. Being born on the 29th would’ve been rad.

    Speaking of, these pictures are amazing. I want to go.

  2. Loved being alone at the bottom of a beautiful crater by the lake, but climbing out in the sand with barely any water was tough. Climbing at that altitude leaves you breathless after three seconds.

  3. Having to wait for your birthday like that….inwish for you to have an extraordinary celebration. As other readers pointed out…crater lake natiknal park (formerly mt. Mazama) is extraordinary. Make sure to hike mt. Scott and try to stay the night to enjoy amazing celestial views! Happy travels

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