Montreal, Canada

Planning on moving to Montreal by the end of the year. Any help (in the form of free room and board preferred – joking! kind of) would be appreciated! Already I’m thinking how – let’s use the word, ‘unwise’ – it would be to move to Montreal in the dead of

15 thoughts on “Montreal, Canada”

  1. I’m jealous of your move to Montreal. I spent 3 days there in the summer before coming to Korea and was actually half wishing I was moving there instead.

    1. I’m not the kind of person that compares places; I like everywhere I’ve been in some way. But somtimes I go places and experience a deep connection, and know I want to live there someday. Such is the case with Montreal!

  2. Montreal is an amazing place to live. I’m thinking of moving back there once I’m done my travels and back in Canada. I don’t have a free room (or any room) yet, but I’ll let you know if ever I do! Good luck with everything!

  3. A buddy of mine lives up there in Montreal, and it seems pretty cool. She played in a bunch of bands there, so I got to hear about the punk/HC scene and all and I was always quite jealous. Apparently there’s a really vibrant creative community there.
    But yeah, Montreal always sounded great and from my experience Canadians are generally excellent folks. I’ve had a few freinds from Canada over the years and they’ve all been rad people.

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