Making of a Zine

Organized chaos?

Everywhere All The Time #1 is a radical travel zine featuring tons of color photos, sketches and writings from all ova the place, wrapped in a vellum cover and completely typewritten on my Remington Streamliner. Click on the ‘read the zine’ button to pre-order for $5 now and get free shipping; remember I’m sending this shit from Ecuador!

More on what the heck ‘radical travel’ is…to come!

14 thoughts on “Making of a Zine”

  1. Would you be willing to trade? Currently I’ve got copies of Sex Industry Apologist (review here) or If Destroyed Still True #5 (review vanished from the internet; it’s about the Eurovision Song Contest, travel, teen angst that overstayed its welcome, bereavement … kinda scattered). I’d be sending from Malaysia.

    1. Oh wow, thanks! No, I’ll be in New Zealand … or maybe should give you an Australia address depending on timing … I guess just ping me nearer the time and we’ll work it out!

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