Full Moon

In the time it takes to blink, your whole life can change.

Well, mine has, in a very beautiful way. My life is full of unplanned, random, magical changes. Sometimes not so good, but I’ve become a professional at keeping my heart open and my mind open and not worrying too much and working very, very hard. So when I blinked and saw my life had changed, not even how or why or any of that stuff, just saw it, I was watching the sphere of the full moon rise above one of the highest Volcanoes in the world, Cotopaxi. I became emotional.

I’ve been asked to work at an incredible place, a once in an lifetime opportunity. So, what do ya think I said? IncaHacienda.com

6 thoughts on “Full Moon”

  1. This is amazing! I went to visit San Augustin a few weeks ago with some friends from my former hostel. It was gorgeous (albeit freezing from the strong winds)! The people were very nice (especially the Equestrian coach) and the llamas were adorable… It was terribly humbling to be in the presence of such ancient 500 year old walls that have witnessed things I would never even imagine all these years…

  2. “In the time it takes to blink, your whole life can change.” …so true. Yesterday I found out a good friend of mine had passed – enough said.

    I checked out the Facebook page of San Agustin to see what you were talking about above – I think it’s time for a trip down South! Those gorgeous horses brightened my day. : )

    Great Blog – You got a follow from me!

    Ben @ TravelingThane Furrows

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